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Hi there!

What you need to know: I live in Brooklyn and work full time in children’s publishing at a dream-come-true kind of job. I’m also a YA author. In Spring 2014 I’ll be teaching social media marketing (intro and advanced) at New York University’s Center for Publishing.

What you only sort-of should know: I grew up on the shores of South Jersey and every day I miss the sand between my toes, but only the cold sand, because the beach in winter is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I then graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2001 (magna cum laude, English, Women’s & Gender Studies) and moved to the NYC area (too many apartments to count, folks). Sometimes I think I will never leave New York…and other times I think, Why on earth have I stayed so long? This constant battle of wills is exhausting.

What you should definitely care about: I volunteer for Girls Write Now (going on six years now!). It’s an amazing organization that deserves your (yes, your!) support. (I was even named 2009 Corporate Mentor of the Year.

Disclosure: Most of my blogging can be found over at On Our Minds @Scholastic. The opinions stated on this blog, though, are all mine and are not in any way affiliated with the companies for which I work.


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  1. Matt says:

    Hi Morgan,

    I am an animator and illustrator and have created book trailers for Lucas Film, Chronicle, Books , Top shelf, Penguin Books and more. I am not sure if you can help, but I would love to discuss the posiblity of working together to create some book trailers for Scholastic.

    For examples of my work please visit my website.

    Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Matt Saunders

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