Dreamy London

This blog has been asleep for several reasons, probably the most obvious being that I just returned from an amazing trip to London and Bath (by way of an airport I will not miss Reykjavik, which is another story altogether). This was maybe my 10th trip to London but I daresay it will go down in history as my best one. From start to finish, I had the *best* time, despite delays, bungled seats, and long layovers.

Now here is where I wax rhapsodic about England: I just love the place. The first time I went to London it was like I was able to exhale, finally. You know how some cities just fit you? London fits me.

After arriving on Thursday midday (five of us flew in together, which was a hoot), we had drinks in Covent Garden on Thursday evening before heading down to Bath on Friday morning. See, my dear friend G was getting married (the whole reason for the trip) in an estate a few minutes outside of Bath. Well, what a cool town -- just gorgeous and historic and all that. But wow, the estate? Like a scene from Pride & Prejudice, truly. Mr. Darcy was waiting around every corner!

It was, hands down, the most fun wedding I've ever been to. (We closed out the dance floor after 4am. I was sore for days. Literally! Days!) And sure, that's partly due to the fact that the bride and groom's friends are my friends, so I knew and loved a solid 70% of the guests, which of course makes for an extra-fun time. G looked incredible, and I spent a lot of time gathering the source material for this fun little big project I'm working on for her and W, her husband.

We stayed in Bath on Sunday where we hit up the Jane Austen Centre for some amazing tea and scones with some of my favorite boys (I mean, it's no Edith Wharton Centre, but whatever) and then journeyed back to London proper on Monday to stay with friends until Wednesday.

I did no writing while I was there, which is a shame, but I feel like I have so much to process before I can even begin to download it. (Also, Iceland Express? Not the most conducive to productive flights.)

Anyway, so that's where I've been. Now I'm home fighting the good fight jet lag.