Life changes

Last weekend I followed my real estate agent into an apartment and thought, "Honey, I'm home!" Truly, that was my first instinct. I took the place; I move in on August 1. Earlier this week I had a momentous occasion when I deposited a specific check. It was a Big Deal Check, made Bigger because it was a. the first check I'd received for creative writing and b. for something I haven't even written yet. I felt like buying a cupcake to celebrate, but it was 9am, and I like eggs better.

My birthday is in four days. It's not a Big Deal Number (last year's was), but my age has suddenly hit me this time, like an unexpected raindrop on my brow. I am both old and young, experienced and naive, crying salt into my pillows and swallowing away concerns like cough drops.

I am alternately busy and bored; exhausted and enthralled; bothered and lax.

All this is to say, it's summertime. And these are the goings-on of my summer.