The sweet smell of loot

Did I mention I'm moving? Just a few blocks away, but to a total upgrade apartment.

Anyway, when K and I moved into our current place we ended up leaving several tubs unpacked. (As you do!) So these two big tubs of stuff have been sitting in our storage area for 3.5 years. (Classy!)

We hauled them out the other night with the intentions of tossing their remnants. The joke was on us, though, when we opened it to find two Christopher Pike titles and three Cheerleaders titles (and we all know how I feel about Cheerleaders). Success!

The rest of the crap in that bin did get tossed, which I suppose begs the question, why did we not simply toss it before moving into this current place nearly four years ago?

Why, indeed.

Edited: I am sorry to say the Cheerleaders series doesn't hold up quite as well as I would have liked. I mean, it's still great and nostalgic and totally 80s, but...there are plot lines and themes it just keeps hitting my over the head with way too directly. Like, I get it, Olivia. You feel like Walt's neglecting you in book 7. You don't need to keep saying on every page "It's like Walt has time for everyone but me." Message received.

Edited again: I mean, I still really love these books and won't be throwing them away or anything like that. Let's not get dramatic here.