It's not so easy being an A

I finally saw Easy A last night (one of my rockin' Saturdays in which I visited my parents, ordered pizza, and On Demand-ed a movie) and thought it was darling -- as countless people predicted I would. (What took me so long?) Though, I do think it could have gone a bit further in terms of dissecting why girls' sexuality is always up for public debate when boys' isn't, and I questioned the Lisa Kudrow storyline, but my quibbles are minor. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, Stanley Tucci. Who knew he was so attractive?!

After a tri-state weekend where I celebrated my parents' 35th anniversary and a baby shower for my impending nephew, I am now home, taking care of small errands so I can be uber productive tomorrow, which I took off from work with the express purpose of finally being able to get some work done on my new manuscript. It's getting there, y'all. Anyway, because of my weekend travels, I am skipping any and all Super Bowl festivities (which, I mean, is not exactly a sacrifice, since I really dislike sports culture) and instead catching up on some DVR favorites, like Community and Cougar Town. Hey, I warned you I had a rockin' weekend.