The universe speaks

In college, my older sister did something against our school’s regulations. I think it involved a hot plate. It definitely involved a hearing of some sort, where a few people had to vote on whether she would be kicked out of campus housing. It was all highly dramatic.

I remember sitting in the hallway outside the room of the hearing, waiting for the results like it was some kind of trial. Even my parents were there! It’s all so silly in retrospect. Anyway, as we were waiting there, Tori Amos came on the radio. This is notable for several reasons, the most important one being that Tori never comes on the radio. As Winter played, the hearing concluded. The results? My sister was allowed to stay in her dorm.

We weren’t surprised. See, we knew that hearing a Tori song in that moment meant that everything would be okay. (Go with me here. I was, like, 19.)

But the funny thing is? I still believe this. When I unexpectedly hear a Tori song in a public place, it means good luck is on its way. I firmly believe in this theory, and it’s been tested many times. It’s like the universe’s secret gift to me.

I had Pandora on today, and while I was working diligently on an important piece of work, I also had something bothersome taking up a lot of my head space. And wouldn’t you know it? Tear in Your Hand came on – even though I didn’t have my Tori Amos station on. (Actually, I had what's kind of my opposite-of-Tori station on.)

Listen, I like science, too. I get probability. My Pandora surely has gleaned enough info from my listening habits to know that I will thumbs-up any and all Tori they throw my way. And yet it’s fun to believe in the magic of the universe sometimes, too. So thanks, universe.

Meanwhile, I have been a bad blogger. It’s been a busy month!