What is important is this:

Sometimes when I write a blog entry it feels like I am actually just writing certain people a letter, people who I know are reading this blog. Dear friends, I say, here is a spot of my day/week/month. Thought you would like to know. So here you go, my week in increments:

I found a penny in the corner of the bathroom counter this morning at work. It was tails up -- bad luck, so I didn't touch it. A few hours later, another penny had joined it. This one is heads up, which isn't important. What is important is this: is someone picking up pennies and putting them on the counter on purpose? Who would do such a thing? What does it all mean? [Edit from 5 minutes after posting this: NOW THERE IS A QUARTER ON THE COUNTER, WITH THE PENNIES. I am not kidding.]

Last night I had an amazing meal and an excellent time with some friends, and I caught myself falling down that rabbit hole of gratitude. (Surely helped by a dirty martini.) I got home too late to feel anything but indecent today, but I shall reward myself with an overdue reiki session this evening. My bones are calling out for it. I worry that I sometimes listen to my body too much, or not enough, but never just the right amount. My back hurts, I'll say. But maybe I just carry too much on my shoulders; maybe I just shouldn't have skipped my favorite yoga class this week. I need sleep, I'll think. But maybe it's just the weather, or the week, or the fact that when I'm home I like to watch the midnight episode of Friends before succumbing.

I am obsessed with Kate Christensen's blog, and if you aren't reading it, you should stop reading this right now and go here. And then cook me a meal from it.

Anyway, I think it is about to snow, and everyone here is kind of humming with it, like a perfume someone dropped over our block of SoHo. I am hoping it starts to feel like January.

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