Books never run out of batteries, she said longingly

...but even still, I love my Kindle. I forgot to charge it last night and this morning, though, which means that I plugged it in for about 7 minutes before I ran out of the door, hoping that would be enough to stave off the dreaded warning that pops up (exclamation points!!11!). Hey, that always works on my blackberry. Only it wasn't enough; the warning persisted, I felt guilty and ill-prepared (bad Kindle owner!), so I gave up and just eyed people on the subway instead of reading. Which, in itself, is almost the same thing, non? I borrowed a charger from our Library, though, and she is now happily glurging energy as I write.(Should I name her? I should name her. Mavis? Dolores? Hazel? I feel like she's an old soul.)

Last week I was carting around Gillian Flynn's Dark Places in hardcover, since I borrowed it from Kel, who received it as a holiday gift. Amazing, addictive read, but holy goodness, I really missed the lightness of my Kindle. Books are heavy, yo!