A collection of things my niece said this weekend

  1. I like your wedding dress, aunt Morg. (I was wearing a brightly patterned maxi dress.)
  2. I'm going to swing on the swings now, but I'll be careful, so everyone calm down.
  3. Back it up, sister.
  4. Good morning! Let's get this party started!
  5. Aunt Morgie, your hair looks bad.
  6. Aunt Morgie, I like your long hair.
  7. You be the dragon that's chasing me. I'll save myself, though!
  8. Come in the moonbounce with me! The age limit is 28. (Me: I'm 33.) I mean, the age limit is 33.

My niece and her curly hair; my nephew and his lopsided smile and his penchant for exclaiming "Yeah!" like he's singing backup for Usher; the way the sun slants across their backyard in Pennsylvania...these are the things that make a weekend worthwhile.