Fighting stories.

While a certain someone looks at a certain something I've been working on for over a year, it occurs to me that I am suddenly free to begin something entirely new, and entirely different. Now, when I wasn't immersed in my last writing project, I would occasionally have brainstorms about other projects--these crawly worm-like thoughts that nestle into my head and say "I am here! Write about me!" And I would, briefly--little paragraphs or notes or quotes or characters. And now that I am free--for at least a few weeks, I suspect--to try something new, I feel like I'm flooded with ideas. The problem is there are so many things I want to write, but the bigger problem is, two in particular are desperately competing against each other.

But one has slowly won out over the other, even though the loser (is it wrong to call works-in-progress "losers?") is actually completely outlined and the winner is not (and not even close), I am going with my gut and am going to jump in headfirst into this other, newer one. I think about it, and about my main characters, all the time. I am obsessed with the setting they're in, and their main obstacle; and I suspect it'll be the most biographical, in terms of characters, piece I'll ever write.

Anyway! In short, two stories were fighting to be told. Only one can make it out alive right now. And I've placed my bets. (cue dramatic music.)