Oh, Hitchcock

Hello! I have vertigo.* It's been exactly one week since the world started spinning for me.

My head feels like this.I'm trying to have a joke-y tone here, but the truth is, this is a terrible feeling. It's quite debilitating; I have a few hours here and there where I feel normal, but most of the time, my body just wants me to lie very still, on my side, with my eyes closed, to help the room settle around me. My head pulses; the drums of my ears feel like that volcano in Iceland--angry, unable to find a nook in which to land, constantly alerting me to their discontent.

It's been exactly one week, but it feels like years.

*UPDATE: I actually don't have vertigo, which I discovered after my 6th doctor's appointment in two weeks. I have a virus of the inner ear, which sounds so much less glamorous but, frankly, feels a whole lot worse. (Do yourself a favor and don't Google it, because it's just depressing. Some people take months or years to recover. I am staying optimistic that that won't be the case for me.)