Scenes from my living room

K and I are watching Parenthood. Phone rings. Older sister, J: Put on TBS. Seinfeld is on, and there's a woman George is talking to who is really fair-skinned with red hair--do you have it on? She's not on the t.v. right this second, but you'll see her. Put it on.

Me: Ok, hang on.

Pausing my DVR and turning on TBS. Hey, Elaine.

J: OK, so if anyone will know this, you guys will. Wait for this red-haired woman to come on. She's from a show we used to watch where her t.v. husband tried to kill himself every episode--like, in a funny way--and always failed. What was it called?

In the background, J's husband cracks a joke. J yells "I know, it's the best premise for a show!" They're serious.

The red-headed woman comes on the screen. She is familiar!

Me (gesturing and putting J on speaker): K, what is she from?

J: I can tell you one particular episode I remember if that helps.

She tries; it sort of does. K opens up my Mac.

Me: Give K 60 seconds and we'll have an answer for you.

J (yelling to her husband): I told you they'd know!

K manuevers through IMDB. We exchange theories about Lucille Bluth and Two and a Half Men and a political sitcom from the early 90s. After a few keystrokes, success.

K: Got it.

J: Damn, that was a funny show. I'm gonna go YouTube old episodes.

And, scene.