The inevitable post about the return of Sweet Valley High

First I need to set the record straight: I am really more of a Sweet Valley TWINS girl, not a Sweet Valley HIGH girl. There is a marked difference, one which puts me at a disadvantage now that the news about the return of Sweet Valley High is out and Chapter 1 of the new book is already available, because it means I kind of need to catch up on the high-school goings-on. Nevertheless, I still read The Dairi Burger and, being at least familiar with some of the High titles, still feel like the series is a formative part of my identity.

So of course, I am ridiculously excited about the return of Elizabeth and Jessica, 10 years later, even though most of my Sweet Valley memories are of the sixth grade variety, when Jess was just being initiated into the Unicorns and Liz was besties with Amy Sutton. I clearly remember how it all began, too: for my 8th birthday, which was about five days before my family moved from Beach Haven to the little town across the bay (not far distance-wise, but worlds apart in the other ways that matter), my grandmother bought me Book 1: Best Friends, and gifted my twin sister Book 2: Teacher's Pet. Hello! Identical twins reading about identical twins! Who were four minutes apart, just like us! Who were blond and dimply and tan and in California, just like...well, not us, but close enough, sort of. (Read: not at all. Seriously, the similarities ended at the 4-minute mark.)

The rest is history. SVT was, like The Baby-sitters Club, our go-to series for years and years. If

I hadn't just packed up my apartment this weekend for next week's move, I would snap a pic of what remains of my SVT collection. (Which is almost nothing, thanks to the floodwaters of '92 that ruined my bookshelves. Yay for living on the water?) Much like the BSC, my favorites tended to be the super editions -- in this case, Holiday Mischief (singing! competition! Christmas!) and The Big Camp Secret* (uh, camp. Need I say more?).

Anyway, so fast forward to this year, when Diablo Cody announces that she's penning a Sweet Valley screenplay and then comes news that a new book will be available in 2011. Folks, this is serious business here. I have already won a Sweet Valley tee-shirt on Twitter. I am *that* excited.

So what does all this mean? First the return of BSC (obviously, a notable moment for me for many reasons), and now Sweet Valley? Folks, I think it means the universe is listening to me. Which means I should put in some more requests, including for the return of Sleepover Friends and Sunset Island.

What series you like to see revisited?

*Here's a funny story! When I googled Sweet Valley Twins to get some cover images, The Big Camp Secret came up from a post I had written for Scholastic's kids blog about my favorite camp-themed books. I forgot I wrote that! Small world.