In which I make moving correlate with Sweet Valley High?

As a single, young (kind of), urban professional, I tend to move. Often. I live in a city right outside of Manhattan (I just can't seem to give up my Jersey roots, y'all) and in this city alone, I've lived in 5 apartments in 8 years. Two days ago I moved again, and man, it feels like home. I feel like a new person here. (Forgive me for being dramatic.) My old place was awesome, but was dark, old, exposed brick, no amenities, and I felt closed there. Here, the layout is open, and large, and sunny, and I feel like twirling around and line dancing, or something. (I may or may not have done just that earlier today.)

The kicker, of course, is that now I have to unpack, cut up boxes, buy things, decorate -- all things that I tend to prefer others do *for* me. Which means I take a lot of breaks to recuperate from the stress.

I was unpacking my YA-only bookshelf yesterday when I came across Lila's Story. Would you believe I had never read it, even though I own it? (This is because I bought it from eBay a while back and just never got around to it. As discussed, I was never a Sweet Valley High girl.) So of course I stopped the unpacking and read it. (Also, my cable wasn't set up until a few hours ago, so. There are only so many episodes of Sports Night* on DVD you can watch before you need a break.)

You guys? It was really good. Like, in an 80's YA way, but still really good. I never cared one way or another about Lila as a character, but this storyline had me feeling for her. Also, she totally wears some rockin' outfits that would definitely make her fit right in on the LES these days.

Now I'm thinking that Bruce's Story should be next. Or, you know, I could unpack the rest of these boxes, buy more bookshelves, paint three pieces I already have, go back to work, write a bit, etc...and yet here I am, thinking about Bruce Patman.

* Not really. I can watch the entire series on one fell swoop. IT IS THAT GOOD OF A SHOW.