Putting my money where my mouth is, or something.

Hello from Chicago! I've just come off an excellent conference for work out in the suburbs of this great city, and now I'm crashing on a friend's couch for a couple of nights to see the sights. So far, from this wifi-enabled Starbucks, it's gorgeous! Unfortunately, this blog will need to languish for the next few weeks, as I have a deadline that is approaching much sooner than I thought it be. But before I go, should we talk about Pretty Little Liars again?

We shall!

What a great finale, yeah? Emily's mom knows about Maya...Aria and Ezra are back on...Spencer's still my favorite character...Hannah may be dead or dying...and Ian may manage to get away with it all.

PLL is like a soft-serve vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles: it tastes oh-so-good, it will forever remind me of summer, and it's bland enough to appeal to a wide audience but special enough to make those of us who love it feel cool.

Happy rest-of-August, all. While I'm gone, I'll probably be unable to read Mockingjay (no, really. Because I need to re-read HG and CF first, and there's just no time to do that), and I guess I'll have to save my re-reading of Harry Potter 7 until the fall. The horrors! So please go forth and read, and hang out at the beach, and have a vanilla soft-serve for me. I'll be in my little corner, writing furiously.

Edited 8/17/10: Okay, I totally caved. I'm re-reading The Hunger Games right now. I couldn't NOT. Plus, I needed something read on the PATH. #itsalmostmoreincrediblethethirdtimearound

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