Breathing space

Last night I turned in the big project that's been taking every spare moment of my time for the past five weeks (and then some), and it feels AMAZING. (And nerve-wracking and terrifying and strange, but that's fodder for a different post.) Today after work I went to reiki (ooh, that's also fodder for another post, but it's too important to just babble about, so I'll have to give it some thought) and then came straight home. I promptly sat on the couch. And here I still sit, as I haven't left.

Dancing With the Stars is on. I don't even *like* that show. And yet I haven't changed it.

That's how excited I am to be able to come home and I can read (let's see...I've got Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters, Heist Society, Big Girls Don't Cry* (nonfiction. Who am I?!), and One Day in my TBR pile, as well as a re-read of Harry #7). I can watch television (just in time for the fall season!). I can go to a movie. I can go to...

Sedona! Yes, I'm leaving this week for Arizona. Despite the political implications of such, I am heading to Phoenix (tagging along for a day) and then taking a weekend road trip to Sedona with friends. (And seriously, I never intended to go to AZ, and I feel guilty for doing so, but I also need a vacation and this opportunity came up and I took it and I'm sorry.) Apparently it will be hot, but it's also the equinox and a full moon, so I am looking forward to how hanging out in the vortex capital of the world will be. I'll be sure to buy some crystals. (Seriously.)

I'll also be sure to sleep. And breath in the (hot) desert air. And look at the red rocks. And just be.

*I heart Rebecca Traister, and long story short, I am excited about this book; I said so on Twitter; she RTed me; I squeed; she did it again; etc and etc and etc. Now I feel like I need to write a book report about it when I finish. Which is kind of awesome, actually.

My point being, I will read it and blog about it when I'm done.