Rainy Monday

To cheer myself up on what promises to be an awfully long, gloomy week (apparently the weather is stuck in this circle for a few days, which means I am very glad I bought rain boots and a new umbrella yesterday, even if said boots do seem to pinch a bit and make my feet go numb), I thought I'd upload some of my photos from last week's trip to Sedona.

Only I settled in on my couch under my blanket in my favorite PRHS Wildcats softball sweatshirt from freshman year and tried to plug in my camera only to realize I brought the wrong wire from my desk. And I am too lazy slash comfortable to get back up and switch it out.

Luckily I have a few photos from my phone!

Anyway, after my crazy two months of nonstop writing, I allowed myself the luxury of reading and sleeping on vacation. I read two full books, which felt like the best form of gluttony (I was YA all the way with Lauren Conrad's latest and then Hex Hall, which I'd been meaning to read and wasn't disappointed. Witches!). I also dove in to Big Girls Don't Cry as promised. Except it makes me cry, and I'm only halfway through. It is spectacularly written.

Overall, Sedona was lovely. I always find it difficult to be somewhat landlocked - I just need a big body of water around me to feel comfortable - but I didn't notice it too much in AZ like I normally do in other places. And the views were incredible; we took a ride up to the top of some of the mountains (are they mountains?) and I was in awe. (I will conveniently leave out the part about how, while taking the tour in the backseat of a jeep, the driver sometimes parked so close to the edge that I began texting my last will and testament to my family.)

I promise soon I will have thoughts on Big Girls Don't Cry, and I'm also planning on blogging my way through the Sunset Island books. Why? Because I can.