Lost! Girls! Adrift! Alone!

You know how weird scenes or lines from old books pop into your head at random moments? The other day I thought about this scene from a pair of books I used to devour, in which a group of girls gets lost at sea (as you do!). The baby sister of one of the main characters gets really  sick while they're stuck on the island, and I remember the girls pouring rain water into her mouth as she was unconscious, and her lips were cracked and peeling.

That's it. That's all I remember. But it was enough for me to suddenly Google the books just to see their covers and revel in the nostalgia of them for a few moments.

And then I learned they're Apple/Scholastic titles, which made me leap with joy. Because that means I can easily check them out of my work library and re-read them.

So I am! Let's see how they hold up. Will they be like Sunset Island and Who Killed Peggy Sue (in other words, totally amazing and definitely living up to the memory), or will they be like The Older Boy, Sweet Valley Twins #15 (which was painful to re-read)? We shall see.