I first heard the word "Sundaying" when a friend of mine used it on Facebook a few years ago. It's the exact word to describe my whole weekend, which included:

  • sleeping in (not enough to feel lazy, but enough to feel indulgent)
  • running errands (carbon monoxide detectors are important!)
  • running (first time since June, which is either a long boring story or a long fascinating one, depending on your belief in things like reiki)
  • writing (once in a Starbucks, once in a Panera, which I normally hate and suddenly love)
  • finishing three (!) books
  • cleaning (lightly)

That extra hour really served me well.

Anyway, I feel like I've made several blog promises that I've failed to keep, recapping my thoughts on Traister's Big Girls Don't Cry chief among them. I know you're all holding your breath. I loved the book; I made massive amounts of notes throughout it; and someday soon I will be motivated enough to transfer them here.

Also, I finished the Lost girls books and it's funny; they're fairly well-written, but they're in third person from each of the six characters' perspectives -- often switching perspectives every few paragraphs. That's a format that would not sell these days, which is interesting.  At any rate, they were a fun trip back to seventh grade.

Happy Sunday!